An Introduction to the Utility Warehouse

Since 1997, Telecom Plus, which operates the Utility Warehouse Discount Club, has grown from just an idea into a company with a turnover of over £470 million whose shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange. A track record second to none. This phenomenal growth in turnover and profits has been achieved by word of mouth “referral marketing”. The question is: what share of this could you earn for yourself? The explosion in growth that the Utility Warehouse is experiencing right now is just the beginning. It is said that the key to success is not necessarily being in the right place at the right time, but recognising that you are in the right place at the right time, and not four years later with hindsight.

How many people do you know who use the phone, switch on a light, turn on the oven or use the internet? The Utility Warehouse is not asking people to spend extra money on services they do not normally use, they are simply offering the same services but with one major difference – they offer far better value! You will be tapping into a market where people and businesses are already spending many billions of £’s a year.

To find out more about the Utility Warehouse business opportunity please visit and watch the short online video.

Share and Save

Do you know anyone who you think would benefit from being a customer of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club?

The Utility Warehouse offers a unique Share and Save plan that allows you to earn an extra discount on your monthly bill by introducing friends, family or colleagues to the company! There is no limit to the size of your discount.
Simply introduce a friend to the Utility Warehouse and they will give you a discount on your bill, every month, for as long as they remain a customer. The discount is 0.5% for each service they take – so if your friends take BroadCall (phone and broadband), Gas and Electricity, that’s 2% off. Five friends like that, and that’s 10% off your bill!

Avoid Energy Price Hikes

Concerned that you may be stung by future energy price hikes?  Ensure you have peace of mind and transfer to the Utility Warehouse Discount Club today.

July Hot Offers!

Two special offers for new Qualifying Customers!

Up to £200 Early Termination Fee refund

In a contract for services you want to switch to us? Don’t worry! The Utility Warehouse will refund up to a total of £200 towards any early termination fees your current suppliers charge you for services you switch to them. Simply send in the evidence, and they’ll add a credit to your next monthly bill.

New Line Installation – just £24 (reduced from £69)

If you need a new phone line at your property in order to take the Utility Warehouse Home Phone or BroadCall service, then a new LLU line will only cost £24.  You can choose to add this cost to your first monthly bill on a 12-month contract, or spread it over a 24-month contract at just £1 per month!

Want to start saving money this summer? Welcome to the Club!

Visit Utility Warehouse today

Price Promise

The Utility Warehouse Price Promise means you can benefit from:

  • The UK’s cheapest Home Phone
  • The UK’s cheapest Home Phone and Broadband bundle
  • The UK’s cheapest Mobile tariffs
  • The UK’s cheapest standard Gas and Electricity

Or they will give you back Double the Difference!

Charges, terms and conditions apply. For full details of the Utility Warehouse Price Promise click here

Save Money by Going Green

It doesn’t matter if you’re paid in tips at a restaurant, hourly in retail, or on an internet marketing consultant’s salary, everybody is looking on ways to save themselves money. With the recent push for everybody to “go green,” there are numerous ways you can save money by saving energy in your home.

Check out these methods for saving green by going green.

 1. Buy New Appliances

While this may cost a bit of money up front, buying new appliances is going to save you money up front. Any appliance purchased before the 1990′s are significantly less efficient and can easily rack up utility costs. Buying new appliances with an Energy Star rating use less water and electricity, which is beneficial for saving money.

In addition, a lot of energy companies offer tax credits for purchasing Energy Star appliances, which will also give you some extra cash during income tax season.

2. Plant a Tree

Planting trees, believe it or not, is also going to save you money. By planting trees around your house, you are providing more shade from the sun. This could save you a ton of money on paying to keep your house cool.

3. Slay Vampire Energy

Vampire energy is the energy used when appliances are plugged in but not in use, literally “sucking” the energy out. Small kitchen appliances and electronics chargers are the biggest and most common forms of vampire energy. A lot of people don’t realize how much they are truly paying for electricity they aren’t even using. These costs can be cut simply by unplugging appliances and electronics that are not in use. Or you can purchase “smart” power strips, which cut off electricity when it recognizes that an item is not in use.

4. Say Goodbye to Bottled Water

Bottled water is one of the most impractical ideas ever created. Water is practically free anywhere you go, so when you buy bottled water, you’re actually just paying for the plastic bottle and the cost of the person filling the bottles. You can save extra money by purchasing an aluminum water bottle, which you can take anywhere with you and refill rather than throwing it away to be sent to a landfill somewhere. If you are uncomfortable with drinking the tap water in your home, purchase a water filter. This will also save you money in the long run.

5. Cut the Paper

Paper is the number one most wasted resource in the world, yet is the most easily substituted. Instead of having bills and invoices mailed to you, have them sent to your email. There are a variety of iPhone and Android apps that can also help you cut back on paper by managing calendars and task lists, not to mention giving you driving directions. Also keep a supply of rags and cloths to use as napkins and cleaning supplies so you don’t keep buying paper towels. Cutting back on paper will save a lot of money for you in the long run.

Of course, you should always recycle as many products as your city or local area accepts. Recycling items allows our country to reuse old materials rather than create new ones, which helps the economy. Whether at an individual or national level, going green is the most surefire way to save green.

New Freecall App!

FreeCall is the new smartphone app brough to you by the Utility Warehouse Discount Club, which allows you to make and receive calls on your smartphone over a wireless broadband connection.  You get a UK landline number to use, and calls are charged on your Home Phone tariff.  So Club members can make and receive unlimited ‘Free Global Calls’ anywhere in the world!  If you are entitled to ‘Free Global Calls’ on your Home Phone through the Utility Warehouse then you qualify for ‘Free Global Calls’ using your smartphone too!

To order FreeCall, existing customers should phone Member Services on 0844 815 7777.

Say goodbye to roaming charges!

The Utility Warehouse Price Promise

The Utility Warehouse Price Promise means you can benefit from:

  • The UK’s cheapest Home Phone
  • The UK’s cheapest Home Phone and Broadband bundle
  • The UK’s cheapest Mobile tariffs
  • The UK’s cheapest standard Gas and Electricity

Or they will give you back Double the Difference!

Charges, terms and conditions apply.

Michael Phelps – No Limits

On a recent holiday I read Michael Phelps’ inspiring book namely No Limits.  As an avid goal setter myself I really was staggered by the level of goal setting that Michael adopts in his life both in and out of the pool.  The work that comes to mind is epic!  No Limits is an extraordinary story of dreams, dedication and a determination to achieve no matter what obstacles may be faced.  A few of my favourite quotations taken from the book: -

“I never set out to be the second Mark Spitz.  I only wanted to be the first Michael Phelps.”
“When I was at school, a teacher said I’d never be successful.”
“Nothing is impossible.”
“The Olympics are no place for excuses.”
“Confidence is born of demonstrated ability.”
“Attitude, Action, Achievement.”
“We become what we think about the most.”
“I hate to lose but I am never afraid to lose.”

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